KEYNOTE SPEAKERS: J. Paulo Serra –  University of Beira Interior

Degree in Philosophy from the Faculty of Arts of Lisbon and master, doctor, and aggregate in Communication Sciences from UBI. At this University, he is a full professor in the Department of Communication, Philosophy and Politics and researcher at LabCom – Communication and Arts. He was president of SOPCOM between 2015 and 2022. He is the author of the books A Informação como Utopia (1998), Informação e Sentido: O Estatuto Epistemológico da Informação (2003) and Manual de Teoria da Comunicação (2008), co-author of the book Informação e Persuasão na Web (2009), editor of the Retórica e Política (2015)  and co-editor of multiple books, the last of which is Televisão e novos meios: da produção aos públicos (2021). He also published several chapters and articles in collective works and journals, national and international.